Wireless Driveway Alarm Features

Product Features
Versatility to use as a door chime or driveway alert
Wireless motion activated sensor works over 400 feet away
30° range of view
Instantly triggers the receiver to sound the chime or alarm
Sensors are water resistant for outdoor use
Can be used at your home, office, apartment, retail store, or any place you need security
Multiple systems can be used in a single location to provide security at every door
Alarm/Chime/Off select switch
Alarm resets after 25 seconds
Hi/Low volume setting
Battery low indicator LED for transmitter and receiver
Trigger flash LED
No wiring, easy to install
Receiver requires three (3) "C" batteries (not included, see Accessories)
Receiver can also be powered by 6V power adapter with M size connecter (not included)
Sensor requires one (1) 9-volt battery (not included, see Accessories)
The Driveway Alarm can be used as a driveway patrol alarm or it can be used as a door chime that alerts you when a door is opened. The product's passive infrared (PIR) system monitors the area and lets you know when there is movement. The device can give you information such as when a car pulls into your driveway, so you no longer have to look out of your window to see if someone has arrived. The door chime works in a very similar way, which alerts you when an individual has opened the door to leave, just like a door chime that stores or offices often use. This alarm system is easy to install and it has a wireless radio frequency that has a 400 foot range. The alarm's receiver operates off of three (3) “C” batteries, and the sensor requires a 9-volt battery (not included).

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