Pet Immune Wireless Driveway Alarm System

The product is the ONLY pet immune wireless infra-red system on the market. The outdoor infra-red detector uses two (2) sensors, both of which must be triggered for an alarm signal to be sent. Perfect for detecting, people, vehicles etc. but not false alarming from birds, raccoons, dogs etc.

The outdoor sensor is weather resistant and designed to be used outside in all weather. It is battery powered and has a powerful wireless transmitter capable of sending a wireless signal up to 328 feet back to the alarm receiver(s)*.

This system uses the wireless technology and is compatible with all of the Wireless Driveway Alarm System transmitters and receiver options making this an excellent addition to any existing Wireless Driveway Alarm System.

This wireless driveway security system comes complete with the Wireless Driveway Alarm . The driveway chime features four (4) Form “C” relay outputs each rated for 24VDC at 3 Amps, as well as a 12V output, used for powering driveway alarm accessories! In addition to these outputs, there are also built-in LED lights if the situation arose where the original alarm was neglected. These reminder lights, paired with an audible beep, can be programmed to activate every 15 minutes following the initial alarm ensuring your attention is captured!

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