FakeTV is easy to use and you can have peace of mind

FakeTV accurately simulates the light output of a real television. The effect of scene changes, fades, swells, flicks, on-screen motion, and colour changes look just they came from a real TV.
From outside the house, it looks like the house is occupied and someone is watching a real television. Potential burglars and vandals thinks’ the home must be occupied, so they move on to easier targets
Just plug in the small portable unit so that the light from the unit can be seen from outside but you cannot see the unit itself. Normally an upstairs bedroom or a downstairs living room with the curtains drawn would be best. Plug into the wall with the adaptor provided. Each FakeTV has an automatic sensor that switches the unit on at dusk and off in the morning.
use FakeTV when on holiday to protect your house
use it when you are asleep to protect your family

Outstanding Value
The costs of a break in are enormous. Everyone immediately thinks of the loss of valuable items such as LCD TVs and jewellery but they may not have considered the emotional stress caused by an intruder (even worse if you are in the home when it happens) and the loss of sentimental or personal possessions. Household insurance will increase considerably if you have made a claim in the past. Some households may think that burglary will not happen to them but unfortunately it is a risk that every home owner faces.
For a one-off payment of just £24.95 the FakeTV helps to reduce the risk of a burglary occurring. Most burglars are opportunists and will choose an unoccupied or unprotected property. Inexpensive preventative measures Are the best way of reducing the chance of being a victim to this serious crime.
Reducing Property Damage
Vandalism to cars and theft from gardens are an increasingly common occurrence. By making your house seem occupied and that someone is aware and watching TV, you have a greater chance of deterring would be vandals and nuisance thefts.

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