FakeTV Specifications

The front of the device has a frosted plastic face with a square of smaller sub-squares which are designed to diffuse the colored LED lights. On the rear of the FakeTV is the power switch which has four positions – off, Dusk +4 HRS, Dusk +7 HRS and on. The Dusk +4 HRS and Dusk +7 HRS indicate how long FakeTV will run once it becomes dark enough for it to activate. The on switch keeps FakeTV on but it does not activate until it becomes dark enough. FakeTV comes with an internal light sensor which allows the device to activate when it becomes totally dark (0.5 lux or lower).
It is less concentrated than an LED flashlight due to the built in diffuser lens. What I found impressive was a device this small is able to emulate the light output from an average sized bedroom LCD HDTV.



-FakeTV makes it look like someone is home watching television

-The effects of scene changes, fades, swells, flicks, on-screen motion, and color changes and more are faithfully reproduced, and look just like they came from a real TV

-Computer controlled, super-bright multi-color LED light output equivalent to a typical 27" HDTV LCD television

-Environmentally friendly: FakeTV consumes fifty times less power than a real TV

-AC adapter included

-Most televisions do not work with timers– they turn on with push buttons. Burglars know this, making FakeTV very effective.

-Built in light sensor and timer

-Vacations & Travel

-Persons living in neighborhoods targeted by criminals

-Vacant houses– make it look lived in!

-Shift work, or some other reason you might be gone each evening

-Frequent travelers

-Vulnerable people living alone– make the prowler wonder who might be in the next room watching TV

-Lake place or vacation home.

-Gift for that safety-minded individual who is hard to buy for

-Most burglars will not risk prison by breaking into an occupied house. So when a prowler sees that flickering glow that means someone is home watching television, he knows to move on to an easier target. But now you can outsmart him with a FakeTV FakeTV simulates the light output of a real television. When you are away, this conveys the impression of "alive" far more than a lamp on a timer ever could. Buy a FakeTV and make your home an unappealing choice for a break-in.

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