FakeTV Reviewed

Being burglary victim stinks. Besides the loss of one’s possessions there is also the sense of violation. As long as the thief knows a residence is empty they will take advantage of the situation. Home security systems are deterrents yet some burglars are brazen enough to break into a home with one of those. They just grab some small valuables and flee before any response from the security company can arrive.

Making a household look like someone is home at all times can significantly decrease the chance of being robbed. This is where today’s review item can be a great burglary deterrent. FakeTV from Opto-Electronic Design, Inc gives the effect that someone is home watching TV. It uses multi-color LED to mimic the light emissions of a 27” LCD HDTV. Plus all this is done with an environmentally friendly device which according to the manufacturer draws less power than a night light.

Leaving a light on a timer is fairly common and most thieves often are not deterred by that ruse and some actually appreciate their target being illuminated. FakeTV simulates a TV running making it more like the occupants are home watching a show. It runs off a built in sensor and timer to provide variations in making the home appear occupied.

FakeTV arrives in a plain cardboard box with a label on the side of the box with the FakeTV logo and a picture of a burglar noticing a TV flickering from a second story window. Inside the package we find the FakeTV, an AC power cord and an instruction booklet.

The first thing I noticed about FakeTV is how small it was. It is about the size of a portable clock and triangular in shape with the light emitting portion positioned at a 45 degree angle

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