Fake TV Designed to Protect Against Home Invasions

In a world dominated by reality television, Blaine Readler has built an entire product around faking it.

The author and inventor is the brains behind FakeTV, a device designed to fool intruders into thinking that someone is home watching a flickering TV

A built-in computer controls LED bulbs that mimic the lighting effects of a real television to brighten up the room. FakeTV accounts for a variety of effects, from scene changes, camera pans and fades to swells and on-screen motion.

The device's 12 LEDs light up a room as much as 27" LCD TV would.

Yet the product consumes only a fraction of the power of its real counterpart, offering a green alternative to leaving on a standard television in an empty house as a deterrent for would-be criminals.

In the past, Readler left his own TV on in an added effort to discourage potential burglars from breaking into his house.

"I commented that it was a shame to waste all that electricity, when the burglars couldn't even see the picture itself, just the reflection off the wall," Readler said in a statement.

He teamed up with the Hydreon Corporation to study in detail the flickering glow of a television, and FakeTV was born.

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