Conclusions of FAKE TV

There are some caveats to using FakeTV. The first is not to use it around a nearby light as this will prevent the device from turning on using its internal light sensor. If it does turn on, the background ambient light will decrease the effect and visibility of the flickering multicolored lights.
FakeTV is one of those devices you wonder “why didn’t they think of that sooner”? It gives the impression of a lived in residence by replicating the presence of an occupant watching television. Running a TV while on vacation is not feasible as most modern TVs almost impossible to run on a timer. In addition running a HDTV unnecessarily will run up your electric bill and is bad for the environment. FakeTV emits the lights of varying intensity and color to provide the effect of an active TV while using the same amount of energy as a night light. It does not run off a program and the colors, intensity and sequencing of lights never repeats.

So if you are security conscious and want to give thieves the impression that your residence is not uninhabited at the moment, then FakeTV is the perfect device to use. In conjunction with a home security system and lights on timers you can have some additional piece of mind that your home is somewhat safe.
+Simple to operate
+Emulates TV lighting perfectly
+Built in light sensor, no timer needed
+Burglar deterrent
+Low energy consumption

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